2020 Best Pickup Truck Accessories on Amazon!

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This list is here to provide a general outline of accessories that I’ve grown to like that you can buy on Amazon and get shipped to you quickly. You can also pick some of these up locally, but the reason I’m specifically doing Amazon is that it’s a general way for most people to order something and know that they’re gonna get it versus having to hunt around to find something.

My goal here is really to help you find what might be the best accessory for a specific need you may have now. First, I want to talk about one that appeared in a video I just recently made, and that is the tire step now. Several manufacturers make it several manufacturers share the exact same design. The only big difference I’ve seen is the all tread brand that I use has a much more aggressive tread pattern to it, which can really help if you’re leaning over the hood if you’re trying to work on your vehicle, especially if it’s wet or slippery outside. It will grip your feet, a lot better than some other ones. I’ve seen that have more of a flat platform number two is another accessory I use specifically to monitor the dually tire pressure in my truck now I have a 450 and I don’t have the TPMS monitoring system on it. However, I know many people have it from the factory on their 350 s on their two 50s or f-150s, but there are many people with older vehicles that don’t have a good TPMS monitoring system, especially one that will go past a hundred psi. Many of the systems out there only go to about 80 psi, the specific one that I’ve had I’ve been using. I’ve never taken it out, it stays plugged in all the time and it’s been able to withstand the heat and the temperatures of South Texas consistently. And it’s worked well plus it goes up to 116 psi. So, if you’re putting this on a heavier duty truck, you know that you can monitor your tire pressure beyond the normal 80 psi that you might see on some lighter-duty vehicles. The next one is a dashcam I’ve had tremendous success with. It’s worked very well for me when others haven’t, I’ve probably been through ten dash cams and most of them fail from the heat within about three months to a year of putting them in this system. I’ve had in this truck and I’ve had in two prior trucks and it works phenomenally.

I have not had the system go out on me one time yet, and it just works really really well so thrilled with this specific dash, cam setup, and it’s probably one that will work well for you too, wherever you live now, many people have Run into situations where they have very expensive hitches on their truck and they need a hitch pin that is just designed to withstand the potential of theft better than others one that might take longer to break into a break off. And I really recommend the bolt. 5/8 inch receiver lock, you can have a key to match your specific ignition key, which comes in handy. If you don’t want to carry a bunch of keys around or figure out, where you put your keys that you can unlock it. I highly recommend this product specifically because it’s a harder unit to break into, or at least it takes longer, and you can have a key to match your vehicle now. An item that I really can’t give a recommendation on that people might expect are LED bulb replacements for their vehicle, mainly because there are so many brands out there. It’s hard to identify which one will work well, which one’s gonna generate too much heat, and if it’s clock able to where you can adjust it, so it works better with the specific lens housing you have in your vehicle, so, unfortunately, you’re not gonna get an LED light, bulb recommendations, my channel most of the time they just don’t work well with your factory housing, it produced too much oncoming glare and they end up blinding people in front of you now an accessory I carry with me all the time, especially when we have the RV is a tire repair kit. It’S a 56 piece kit made by boulder tools. It works very, very well, and it gives you just about every tool. You would need for every punctured tire situation now, of course, it’s not going to help if your tire gets torn off or if you have a major rupture where it’s a long tear, but it can definitely save you if you are in a pinch because you get A screw or you get some type of a sharp object inside of your tire and for under 40 bucks. It’S definitely worth it now, this one’s a little pricier it’s over 100 bucks, but I do recommend the Via 300 P, which is a portable air compressor for most people who need that emergency air compressor for their vehicle. Now you guys have probably seen the videos I’ve done on those SAE compliant fog lights, the ones that produce a crisp clean and bright cutoff line. For a hundred bucks, that’s a very affordable price for something that’s complaint with sae and DOTA laws. What I would recommend is, if you have an aftermarket bumper, this would be a superb fit for it because it’s not gonna blind oncoming. Folks already did a video on these and you guys already know how to feel about them for a hundred bucks definitely worth the price. Now we’re gonna get into more expensive accessories. So these are some that specifically if you drive a truck and you do any trailering, consider.

As you guys know, I am a huge fan of BMW products. I think they are probably some of the best built trailering products you can purchase as you guys know already have the B&W tow & stow receiver hitch it’s a try ball hitch which means it’s going to have your one in 7/8 your 2 inches and your tune 5/16 inch ball already on it and when you’re not using it flips in out of the way so you never really have to remove it I highly recommend the hitches they are probably in all reality bulletproof so it’s not really the term of just saying bulletproof these things are built exceptionally well and you can always trust a BMW hitch on the back of your vehicle now if you have a 5th wheel

I highly recommend the BMW companion and depending on how much your fifth-wheel weighs whether you need a slider hitch for a short bed truck or you need their traditional companion puck system edge that drops right in I do highly recommend BMW hitches for both conventional and fifth wheel towing now if you’re in a towing situation and you need a hitch that gives you the numbers of specifically how much you’re putting on the tongue of your vehicle I would highly recommend the way safe hitch so way safe actually has a conventional hitch with the scale built into it so you can see specifically how much weight you’re putting on the tongue of your vehicle that can come in very very handy especially if you’re going to be hauling around trailers that can vary in weight depending on the payload that’s honorable and then finally Husky Liners absolutely love them I know a lot of people out there are Weather Tech fans Weather Tech makes a great liner but I’ve been using Husky Liners in my trucks going back probably 10 years absolutely love them they hold up great they’re made in the US and in my opinion it’s a better option primarily because you don’t have to deal with the chance of slipping on it as much as you would with other floor liners these specific Floor Liners are made from a really hard rubber but they’re not as slick as plastic when they get wet if you get snow if you get water on them and in my opinion they’re the best you can get so the next best truck accessory this isn’t really just for trucks it could be for any type of passenger vehicle is a magnetic phone mount and in my opinion it’s the very best mounting system you can use on a vehicle when wanting to putyour phone somewhere I specifically like he type that uses the double-sided adhesive to secure it to your vehicle that way you’re not having to drill into anything and you’re not having to worry about your suction cup mount falling off the windshield when it gets hot or humid outside the adhesive style is definitely more of a pain if you want to remove it but it works a lot better it’s more compact and you can put it just about anywhere as long as you prep the surface that you’re attaching it to in my opinion to get two of these things for ten bucks is really really phenomenal value and they come in really handy you can put them on just about any type of vehicle period and they work really well now there’s a couple of different rands the ones that I’ve shown you is about the best value you can get in one item that I forgot to mention some throwing it in here at the end is the tgl hitch step so you guys may remember that Ive the smittybilt version of this the big difference and really I think it’s the only difference because it’s pretty much an exact copy is the fact that the tgl step has a tread pattern on it it looks like it has kind of a diamond plate pattern that keeps you from slipping off of it as easy which is definitely a concern if you’re dealing with something like this you may be using it in a wet or muddy environment or climate the last thing you want to do is slip off and then hit your shin on the pitch step sounds painful just thinking about it so I do highly recommend the tgl hitch step it’s about a $60 item it’s got superb reviews you can use it as a toe point you can use it as a step and probably the best reason to have one of these is for those people who are texting while driving and don’t see that you stop to continue to go and hit your bumper you put something like this on your truck you’re probably going to fare better than they are if that happens.